Semrush 2024 – A Complete Guide to Semrush

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Grow organic traffic with our complete and easy SEO tools & workflow

  • Uncover millions of national & local keywords
  • Analyze any domain’s backlink profile
  • Run technical SEO audits
  • Track your SERP positions daily
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Create content that ranks (no expert knowledge required)

  • Find topics that resonate with your audience
  • Get actionable tips to create SEO-friendly content
  • Optimize your content for engagement and organic traffic
  • Use AI features to easily rewrite and improve your copy
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Unveil your competitors’ marketing strategy and tactics

  • Analyze traffic of any website
  • Unveil competitor promotion strategies
  • Get ideas for growing your market share
  • Discover keyword & backlink gap
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Discover how to reach more prospects while spending less

  • Find the best keywords for every PPC campaign
  • Monitor your competitor’s ad copies and landing pages
  • Optimize your Advertising spend (at a local level)
  • Analyze Google Shopping ad campaigns
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Build your most effective social media strategy

  • Schedule and post content on social media
  • Analyze the performance of your posts
  • Track & analyze competitor accounts
  • Manage your public brand reputation
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Streamline your agency processes for growth

  • Get quality leads regularly
  • Automate client reporting and pitching
  • Create white-label client portals and share project progress details
  • Manage the entire client workflow with CRM
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Semrush Features

Plans & Pricing

Note: Pay annually and save up to 17%– (Semrush offers 3 Plans based on many projects, keywords metrics & features. Remember, the annual plans save you up to 17% so make a wise decision.)

  • Pro: $108.33/month
  • Guru: $208.33/month
  • Business: $416.66/month

Semrush Pricing Overview– There are 5 price tiers for Semrush. Semrush also has a free trial available. Examine the various price editions listed below to choose which edition and features best suit your demands and budget.

You can use Semrush with a free account, but the number of features and amount of data will be limited.

  • Position Tracking: 10 keywords, updated daily
  • Site Audit: 100 pages per month
  • Social Media profiles: track 5, post to 2 (schedule 10 posts)
  • On-Page SEO Checker: recommendations for 10 keyword units per month
  • Domain & Keyword Analytics: 10 results per report, 10 reports per day
  • Brand Monitoring: historical data – 1 day, track 1 keyword in a project, 1 location, data sources – Web
  • Content Audit: 50 pages to audit
  • Post Tracking: 5 URLs
  • Topic Research: 2 topics
  • SEO Content Template: 1 template, 10 keywords to add
  • SEO Writing Assistant: 1 template

For freelancers, startups, and in-house marketers with limited budgets. Run your SEO, PPC, SMM, and content projects with 40+ advanced tools and know your competitors’ traffic sources, rankings, social media results & more.

  • 10,000 results per report
  • 3,000 reports per day
  • Display advertising research
  • 500 keywords to track
  • 3 projects
  • 100,000 pages to crawl per month
  • 50 social profiles for monitoring
  • 10 social profiles for posting
  • 5 scheduled PDF reports
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For SMB and growing marketing agencies. With Guru, you get all the Pro features plus: Content Marketing Toolkit, Branded reports, Historical Data, and Extended limits.

  • 30,000 results per report
  • 5,000 reports per day
  • Display advertising research
  • 1,500 keywords tracked
  • Branded PDF reports
  • Historical data
  • 15 projects
  • 300,000 pages to crawl per month
  • 100 social profiles for monitoring
  • 30 social profiles for posting
  • 20 scheduled PDF reports
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For agencies, E-commerce projects, and businesses with extensive web presence. With the Business plan, you get all the Guru features plus: White-label reports, API access, Extended limits, and sharing options

  • 50,000 results per report
  • 10,000 reports per day
  • API Access
  • Historical data
  • Product Listing Ads
  • Branded PDF reports
  • White-label PDF reports
  • 5,000 keywords tracked
  • 25 projects
  • 1,000,000 pages to crawl per month
  • 300 social profiles for monitoring
  • 50 social profiles for posting
  • 50 scheduled PDF reports
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A custom solution to fit the marketing needs of your business. Need more? Contact us for Custom keyword databases, Custom limits, Unlimited crawling of large websites, On-site training, And other add-on features upon request.

Semrush pricing data comes from publicly available pricing sources or the software supplier. The seller must be consulted during the last cost discussions for the buying of Semrush.
The following are where Semrush subscriptions differ from one another:

  • Domain & Keyword Analytics
  • Historical Data
  • PLA Research
  • Display Advertising
  • Traffic Analytics
  • Number of Projects
  • Site Audit
  • Position Tracking
  • On-Page SEO Checker
  • Social Media Toolkit
  • Content Marketing Toolkit
  • PPC Keyword Tool
  • PDF Reporting
  • Additional Users
  • API Access
  • Save up to $800 on our annual plans.

Semrush 2024 – A Complete Guide to Semrush

Link building, traffic statistics, site audits, competitive analysis, and keyword research. These are just a few of the things you need to focus on when developing a successful SEO plan for your business.

Even though search engine optimization (SEO) might be challenging to grasp, it’s just one of the greatest methods to increase website traffic and search engine ranking.

However, if you don’t have the proper digital marketing tools at your disposal, going through the many research and analysis processes might become much more difficult.

Semrush arrives in this situation.

What Is Semrush

Semrush has become one of the most well-liked SEO tools in recent years, catering to businesses in need of assistance with digital marketing campaigns and search engine optimization for their websites.

Do the software’s advanced functions and analytics appear a little too difficult to understand? Fear not—we will cover all the essentials of Semrush and show you how to apply it to advance your SEO strategies.

Semrush is a well-liked SEO tool for competitor analysis, keyword research, and Google AdWords optimization.

Digital marketers may use this all-in-one marketing reporting tool to optimize their websites for more organic search traffic. Additionally, you may assess your competitive position and use data to inform your decision-making when choosing keywords for Google ad campaigns and organic search engine optimization.

Semrush is used by several well-known companies, including as eBay, Quora, HP, and

What Is Semrush And How Does It Work

You can identify patterns and trends in your particular area with ease if you use this powerful SEO tool. This will enable you to evaluate your on-page SEO and pinpoint the areas that require improvement to generate leads better.

Semrush is one of the greatest resources for keyword research. You’ll learn what terms your rivals are using and where they are in the search results. It will be much simpler to keep up with the current trends and remain ahead of your competitors with the great deal of data that you will receive.

Because of its many smart capabilities, Semrush is utilized by some of the largest internet marketers in the world, but it’s also a great option for newbies. Even if you have no prior knowledge of SEO, Semrush makes it much easier to learn and utilize the platform.

In conclusion, Semrush functions by giving consumers access to an array of data that they may utilize for:

  • Enhancing the overall functionality of your website
  • keeping track of Google’s most popular keywords
  • producing material with a strong potential to attract viewers
  • locating new ideas for creating links
  • Making technological changes to your website to improve its search engine placement

Is Semrush a Free Tool?

Although Semrush offers a free version, its features and services are restricted. With a free account, you can do the following, among other things:

  • Develop and run a single Semrush project.
  • Ten questions a day about research on keywords and competitors
  • Tracking keywords (up to ten per term)
  • Go through all 100 pages of your website.

The free version of this software lacks many of the features and advantages of the commercial edition, even if it can still be helpful for those who are new to digital marketing.

You may try out Semrush’s free for 7 days if you’re not sure if you should subscribe. The monthly cost of paid programs ranges from $129.95 to $499.95, or from $108.33 to $416.66 if an annual membership is purchased.

semrush Plans & Pricing

In addition, they provide an enterprise package for large firms that need more customization and flexibility.

Right now, online marketers’ two most-used analytics tools are Semrush and Google Analytics. These two provide very distinct kinds of services, although they share some features.

Semrush And Google Analytics Different

The biggest difference between the two is that marketers use Google Analytics to examine internal data on their websites, while Semrush focuses on external data and examines websites that are part of your competitors.

Since it is impossible to obtain the internal data of a competitor’s website, Semrush’s information is generally the next best thing.

Ahrefs, in contrast to Google Analytics, is closer to Semrush because it is also an SEO research tool that works on the exterior components of rival websites.

Difference Between Semrush And Ahrefs

Though this hasn’t always been the case, each of these products now provides almost the same range of features and services. Ahrefs was mostly recognized as a backlink analysis tool just a few years ago. At the same time, the business decided to pack Ahrefs with a ton of additional capabilities, establishing Ahrefs as a strong rival in the SEO research market.

Ahrefs and Semrush differ mostly in the metrics that they highlight. Semrush is a great choice, for instance, if your main goals are going to be keyword research and technical SEO analysis (such as website health).

However, Ahrefs is better suited for online marketers who dedicate more time to link development and backlink research.

The Most Effective Semrush Features to Raise Your Position in Search

We can now discuss the various features you may utilize to raise your overall search rankings now that you understand what Semrush is and how it operates.

Most Effective Semrush Features

Semrush offers hundreds of functions to its users, but if you are new to the program, selecting the finest ones may be a little challenging.

We developed a list of those that stand out as the most beneficial for boosting search ranking after speaking with some of the top digital marketers in the field and carrying out our study.

Position Tracking

It is well acknowledged that Semrush’s most potent feature is position tracking. It may be used to view a website’s daily rankings according to a specific set of target keywords. By utilizing various reporting features like sorting, exporting, filtering, and labeling, you may get the necessary data for analyzing SEO and PPC performances.

semrush position tracking tool

Among the main benefits that position tracking offers are:

  • Keyword and domain tracking
  • Geographic location comparisons
  • Project device types
  • Discovery of local competitors and their SEO tracking
  • Featured Snippet reports

“Position Tracking is one of the most effective Semrush tools for raising your search engine ranks. You’ll benefit from being able to monitor your rankings for any phrase, find nearby competitors, and tag your keywords.”

On-Page SEO Checker

Users may improve the search rankings of their website pages by following the recommendations provided by the On-Page SEO Checker function. This list contains suggestions for keywords, on-page SEO optimization strategies, backlink potential, goal content length, and much more.

semrush on page seo checker

These suggestions are all predicated on an examination of the target keywords of the top rivals in your particular area as of right now.

“The On-Page SEO Checker tool is the most crucial tool for raising ranks. The greatest strategy to raise ranks is to provide the best content that is also the best material that has been optimized. It’s critical to have a comparison of your pages and those of competitors, along with suggestions on how to make your content better.”

SEO Content Template

For content writers who want a little guidance producing SEO material, this option is fantastic. Based on a study of the target keywords, it creates a template with recommendations for what should be included.

semrush SEO Content Template

Semrush will automatically create a template for producing SEO-friendly text after you enter a certain term.

Included in the template are a few items such as:

  • Text length suggestions
  • Readability overview
  • Supporting keyword suggestions
  • Potential backlink opportunities
  • Knowing where and how your rivals are utilizing the target keywords

“Semrush’s SEO Content Template is a great useful tool that I use to assess a topic’s level of competition, identify relevant subtopics and semantic keywords to cover, and determine the average word counts of the top 10 ranked websites right now. Crafting content that will rank highly is greatly enhanced by utilizing this information when developing it.”

Organic Traffic Insights

“Finding possibilities for fast wins is made easier with the help of the Organic Traffic Insights tool. You can locate low-hanging fruit outside of your primary keyword focus areas that are currently generating small numbers of traffic. With a little attention, these keywords might significantly raise a website’s overall search ranks while requiring fewer resources than the usual high-competition keywords. Though it’s a good gain for the client, both are significant.”

semrush Organic Traffic Insights

Users may access a full dashboard with data from their Semrush account, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console by utilizing the Organic Traffic Trends feature.

A few important bits of information are included in this dashboard: sessions, click-through rate, the volume of organic keywords, Semrush and Google Search Console ranks, and much more.

Using this information, you may cross-reference the various data sources and determine which terms GA did not supply. When you’re done, you’ll be able to get the overall picture of your website’s organic search engine performance.

Site Audit

Using Semrush’s Site Audit function is one of the greatest ways to determine the health of your website.

This function tells you which parts of your website are performing poorly and gives you a categorized list of issues. You will improve the SEO effectiveness of your website after you address the concerns on the list.

semrush site audit

The technical examination includes crawlability, HTTPS installation, and broken links in addition to duplicate material.

Here is a remark from one of the top digital marketers we spoke with to illustrate the significance of the Site Audit tool.

“For websites with a ton of custom coding and unique structures, this tool is great. Applying a new feature or simply patching an existing defect might cause a number of problems when a codebase gets more complex.

Most of these problems may harm your site’s search engine optimization. So I use the site auditing functionality feature following each deployment to make sure that no SEO-related infrastructure, like as content, layout, canonicals, and metadata, has been harmed. I have had several opportunities to identify problems and lessen the negative SEO effects of deployments that were not sufficiently QA’ed.”

Keyword Magic Tool

Probably the most often used tool on Semrush for keyword research is the Keyword Magic Tool. It may be used to track closely connected keywords, examine specialty themes, and identify keywords that could raise the overall SEO of your website.

semrush Keyword Magic Tool

With Semrush’s database containing over 20 billion keywords, this tool gives you an extensive table with particular subgroups arranged according to related search terms.

“The Keyword Magic tool from Semrush is something I like. One of the most complete keyword research tools available is this one, which also makes it simple to find keyword opportunities. To help you decide which keyword potential to explore that doesn’t have a lot of competition, they also give a competitive score.”

Keyword Gap Analysis

To obtain a thorough analysis of the keyword profiles of your top five rivals, utilize Keyword Gap Analysis. You may view the greatest prospects for each individual website, the number of keywords that overlap, which keywords are present on all five websites and more by entering the domain and keyword ranking type.

semrush Keyword Gap Analysis

When creating SEO strategies and campaigns, this kind of data may be useful since it gives you an idea of which specialized keywords are currently popular. You will be able to decide on your SEO efforts after you have an understanding of what your rivals are doing.

Additionally, this research will provide you with keywords that are exclusive to your domain, exposing keyword gaps in the campaigns of your rivals.

“Because you can restrict the results to just show terms that contain a specific phrase or have a search volume over a given point, Semrush’s Keyword Gap function is a great tool for finding keywords that rank for websites similar to yours. This makes it simple for you to create a list of the most important phrases to focus on.”

Keyword Overview

The term Overview tool may be used to find out more about a certain term, including its search volume, result number, intent, CPC, degree of competition, projected value, and more.

Beginner digital marketers may use this tool to get started with keyword research and choose the words to target to increase traffic.

semrush Keyword Overview

“The most effective way to monitor and raise your search engine rankings using Semrush is to identify the keywords that appear on Google’s second page of results. Once you’ve located these pages and keywords, go to your page and include the keywords in the post’s content as well as the H2 and H3 tags. Additionally, you may use appropriate anchor text internal linking to point to that page from other pages on your website. Soon, Google searches will begin to display your pages on the first page.

Always write with your audience and readers in mind, not just search engines. As such, ensure that the keywords you use for your content are meaningful and useful. Stuffing your content with keywords can negatively impact both the readability and user experience, so avoid doing this.”

Keyword Alert

Digital marketers used to have to spend a lot of effort manually determining whether keywords had improved or decreased in ranks over the previous several weeks.

semrush Keyword Alert

This problem was resolved by the Keyword Alert tool, which gives consumers access to an expert alert system that keeps them updated on any changes related to their rankings. Semrush notifies you via email if a keyword ranking in your report changes.

“When terms fall outside of the top 10 or drop a specific amount of positions, the Alerts tool helps identify those changes fast. With this knowledge, you may find the root of the issue fast and start working to bring back the ranks you so hard-earned.”

Keyword Tagging

You can monitor the growth data of your particular tag groups with the help of the Keyword Tagging tool. This contains a share of voice, average position, traffic calculations, and visibility %. This function is quite useful for tracking the exposure of your tagged keywords.

semrush Keyword Tagging

As an aside, this function is exclusive to those who apply for the Guru or Business Semrush subscriptions.

“One useful tool that lets us immediately monitor performance changes for groups of keywords is the ability to tag keywords. Each time a keyword is uploaded, we add several tags. After that, each team member logs into Semrush with their tags to see how their searches have performed recently.”

Domain Overview

With the help of a variety of overview metrics, this function enables you to swiftly gather data regarding the online presence of your website.

You’ll see a variety of items, such as backlinks, and sponsored and organic search traffic. Once you have the overview, you may access the module-specific reports to do more data analysis.

semrush Domain Overview

With the help of the Domain Overview tool, you can rapidly evaluate which parts of your website need optimization and discover the advantages and disadvantages of your closest competitors.

Here’s a remark from a digital marketer we spoke with that highlights the significance of the Domain Overview tool.

“Using this tool to monitor competition activity and identify their top pages and organic keywords is a terrific idea.

An excellent place to start with a competition study is the domain overview. The program begins by analyzing keyword ranking data and then incorporates link data to determine the different ways that different content pieces are being promoted.

Moreover, data may be exported and used with other Semrush modules, like Site Audit, to reverse-engineer a competitor’s approach and discover how their content, technical setup, and marketing efforts work together to generate their search visibility.

You can guarantee that your brand is present for themes that competitors are searching for online by keeping an eye on a variety of competitors. This will help you gain insight into the leading trends in your sector. However, you may monitor any rival projects that might not be producing the greatest outcomes, which will enable you to grow from the errors of others and increase your chances of success in areas where others have failed.”

Traffic Analytics

The Traffic Analytics function, which assesses both desktop and mobile website traffic, is essentially an advanced market research tool. This tool may be used to evaluate a new market’s potential and develop a productive media buying strategy.

This feature’s primary advantage is that it allows you to track the precise source of your traffic as well as the devices that your visitors most frequently use and how they interact with your website.

semrush Traffic Analytics

Professional sales teams, researchers, and marketing managers will find Traffic Analytics to be of great use.

Here is what a marketer had to say about the traffic % measure, which is one of the most well-liked metrics in this feature.

“To get an estimated traffic volume for each term, it just computes the estimated volume for that phrase and our current position. We like to check at trends to see if we’re growing volume or not in particular keyword categories, even if the precise figures are frequently incorrect.”

For users looking for fresh possibilities to develop links inside their expertise, the Link Building function is fantastic. Additionally, you will receive an intelligent interface that you may utilize to design an outreach strategy aimed at drawing backlinks.

semrush Link Building Tool

The feature has four different tools, which are as follows:

  • Backlink Analytics
  • Backlink Audit
  • Link Building Tool
  • Bulk Analysis

“Our group works on using Semrush’s link-building and backlinking technologies. With the help of this tool, you may conduct outreach to link prospects, receive daily updates on changes, and receive alerts on potentially harmful links.”

Project Dashboard

You may see an overview of all the most significant data and information you produced with Semrush through the Project Dashboard.

semrush Project Dashboard

You may obtain a full picture of your project’s performance by connecting it to the dashboard, which will provide data widgets based on other factors.

“The Project Dashboard is the Semrush feature that I use EVERY DAY to monitor and raise client search rankings since it is the most potent tool available. Semrush has a lot of incredible features; the Project Dashboard allows you to see all the data in one place that has been summarized. Position Tracking keeps track of any changes to your keywords, Site Audit displays the health of your site, and Organic Traffic Insights provides a broad overview of all traffic throughout the time.”

Semrush Metrics: How to Track & Visualize Your Semrush Data

Our metrics collection now includes more than 50 new Semrush metrics. This suggests there is no lack of methods for visualizing site traffic and search rankings.

With such a large array of new metrics at your service, you can—

  • Gain even more understanding of your Semrush data.
  • Keep an eye on your website’s page ranks.
  • Look for fresh chances for PPC keywords.
  • Monitor the development of your backlinking plan.
  • View extensive data such as your authority score and domain ranking.

These are a few of the most important metrics you can monitor.

Estimated Traffic 

The percentage of traffic directed to a website by a specific term is known as estimated traffic. The Position Tracking Report contains the measure. Although this indicator does not include daily totals, traffic data may be seen collectively. It enables you to identify patterns.

Top Keywords Position 

The top keywords, sorted by position, are listed below. You may track changes in the ranks of your top keywords on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis by using the table structure.

Keywords in the Top 3

These are all the keywords that together push a domain to the top three search results. You can also see this by searching for terms in the top 10, 20, and 100 using this table arrangement. To examine patterns over time, you may also show this as a line graph.

Top Keywords by Position %

You can also see the top keywords by position percentage in this line graph.

Rankings Distribution 

This multi-metric Datablock shows the following metrics if you’d want to view all of the most important ones in a single table: keywords in the top 10, top 100, top 20, top 3 average traffic, and related visibility.

Average Position by Competitor 

This represents the average ranking for all of your keywords across all of your campaigns, broken down by rivals. This table view allows you to compare yourself to your top competitors.

Average Position 

This represents the mean of all of your ranks for the campaign keywords combined. something line graph allows you to observe the evolution of something over time.

Top Keywords by Volume

According to projected volume, these are the top keywords. This is useful for PPC and content marketing campaign planning.

Visibility Trend

Based on the keywords you supplied to your Position Tracking Project, this is the relative visibility of the domain, subdomain, or URL you are tracking.

Free Semrush Dashboard

Semrush is unmatched by most other programs in terms of the range of SEO functions it offers.

Although Semrush provides its customers with more than fifty research and analytics tools, you will need to invest a lot of time monitoring the changes even though you will be able to get a ton of information on your SEO efforts.

Free Semrush Dashboard

For instance, you will need to verify which keywords are driving traffic upward or downward or which backlinks have broken once a week by logging into your Semrush account.

For this reason, a lot of customers use dashboards as an additional source of support.

With dashboards, you can link particular indicators together and monitor organic traffic in real-time, all inside a single report.

You may use these free dashboard themes to link your Semrush account with them.

Semrush Keyword Dashboard

Clickthrough rates for material that does not appear in the top 10 results for important search queries drop off greatly. A click on a Google page one result is found in 71% of searches, according to research by Advanced Web Ranking. To put it even more strongly, one click on one of the top three results occurs in 55% of searches!

Therefore, if marketers can move a high-traffic term from position 11 to position 10, they will notice a significant increase in traffic. Additionally, when their material approaches position 1, they need to see tenfold improvements in outcomes.

Semrush provides an overview of all of your ranks using a relative statistic known as “Visibility %.” Search engine result pages (SERPs) display lower-ranking keywords less prominently, therefore Semrush provides you with an estimate based on your terms. Your visibility percentage increases with better keyword ranks.

How to use the Semrush Keyword Milestones Dashboard

The top 3 and top 10 keywords associated with your domain are tracked in the left column. This enables you to monitor your overall SEO performance as visibility is determined by these.

The particular terms for which you score strongly are examined in the center column. If your website appears in the top 3 (or number 1) for a popular search, you should visit Semrush to find out which page is generating the highest ranking.

Visibility is matched with organic traffic according to Google Analytics in the last column. The “results” column is this. As more searchers click on your links, you should see an increase in organic traffic as your visibility % rises.

Semrush Site Audit Dashboard

Semrush collected all of the many warnings and problems it discovered into a Site Audit Score. While the score runs from 0 to 100%, no site is responsible for a particular number. You will see more problems and warnings the more pages you have. Use the tool on competitors to evaluate how you stack up if you need a benchmark!

All the pages that the crawler bot can locate will be baselined for you with Pages Crawled. You do not want this number to decline unless you have just removed pages on purpose! It indicates a growing number of mistakes.

How to use the Semrush audit dashboard

Use this dashboard to share any mistakes you acquire along with the crawlability of your domain. The most serious red flag is an error; warnings come next, and notifications come last. Make sure that the majority of pages are three clicks or less away from the root by using the crawl depth statistics. They are the simplest to crawl over.

Semrush Keywords and Audits Dashboard

This dashboard looks at every important domain statistic that Semrush offers. It takes into account both good metrics, like keyword ranking, and bad metrics, such as mistakes that lower your domain authority and make your website harder to crawl. Semrush’s internal measure, estimated traffic, is calculated by multiplying the number of searches for a given phrase by the click-through rate of that specific location.

How to use the Semrush Keywords and Audits dashboard

Ensure that any diligent effort on content marketing is backed up with a well-maintained, easily navigable website. It is not desirable to invest thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in content marketing just to have an unnavigable website limit you.

Semrush Keyword Mission Control Dashboard

This dashboard provides a summary of all keyword-related statistics. It calculates the amount of traffic to your website that initially arrives from organic sources. Next, it addresses every one of your organic traffic projects, including visibility, keywords, and traffic estimates.

How to use the Semrush Keyword Mission Control dashboard:

This provides a broad picture of your ability to attract organic traffic. It may be applied to match traffic measurements with keyword metrics. Organic traffic ought to increase if you are effectively ranking highly for a greater number of keywords. You might want to check your Site Audit if it doesn’t.

Blog Traffic Distribution Dashboard

Our research indicates that 3% of blog postings account for 80% of all blog traffic. And 50% of traffic comes from just 0.5% of content. You will thus continue to rely on your top 0.5% of content even as your organic traffic grows over several months. These posts might help you determine where to work your content creation efforts. Alternatively, you might improve the CTAs on these popular blogs to generate additional leads or product sign-ups.

How to use the Blog Traffic Distribution dashboard

Your blog entries are ranked in the left column according to organic traffic, and it displays which content is getting more or less attention from search engines depending on traffic patterns. The entries that receive the majority of the blog’s traffic are visible in the center column. In the example above, 60% of traffic comes from 3 postings! The terms that drive all organic search traffic are tracked in the right column.

Pros and Cons of Semrush

The majority of Semrush reviews you come across on Google don’t truly discuss the product’s advantages and disadvantages. Allow me to discuss my thoughts and observations on Semrush.

Pros of Semrush:

  • This all-in-one SEO tool removes the need for other expensive tools like Ahrefs, Moz, etc., and you can save a ton of money by utilizing it alone.
  • gives you exact data on keyword volume
  • It’s really simple to find high-potential keywords because they have reliable data.
  • Do you want to discover how well or poorly a website ranks on Google? To acquire all the site problems, just utilize their site audit tool.
  • With 21 billion keywords, Semrush has the world’s largest keyword database that is updated regularly.
  • Over 10 million individuals use Semrush, a popular and reliable brand worldwide.
  • Finding and estimating a website’s traffic is simple.
  • You can easily find profitable keywords
  • You can track your keyword rankings
  • Additionally, site audits may be conducted with it to identify and address technical and SEO-related problems with your website.
  • Competitor research is incredible
  • Provide outstanding SEO reports, including information on white labels.

Cons of Semrush:

  • Although Semrush’s user interface is easy to use, it could take some time for new users to become used to it. To learn more about the platform, watch tutorials or Semrush training videos.
  • Similar to Ahrefs, Semrush could provide a “number of clicks” indicator in its keyword research tool.
semrush free trail

Final Word

Semrush’s database and plenty of SEO tools are the main reasons to utilize it.

Semrush’s primary objective is to decrease manual labor and save many hours on SEO-related operations that require an SEO solution to automate.

Your SEO approach may become more solid and have a greater chance of giving successful results if you conduct thorough keyword research and test possible link-building candidates.

Choosing Semrush has relieved me of the burden of employing several SEO tools for each SEO assignment, regardless of size. Semrush offers a one-stop shop for all SEO needs, including On-Page SEO, Local SEO, Technical SEO, Content Marketing, and Advertising.

Overall, Semrush is a great option if you’re looking for an SEO tool that can assist you with all aspects of SEO.

This tool is ideal if you want to discover the terms that your competitors are employing. This tool is useful if you want to discover the top-performing keywords in addition to the backlink analysis. Sure, it is a little costly but over time, it offers a great deal of potential to increase income.

This application provides nearly excellent traffic estimations for any website. While there are other tools available for analyzing website traffic, this one is the most reliable since it offers extensive settings that ensure users receive accurate information.

The Semrush SEO tool is for you if you want to boost your revenue by marketing the appropriate affiliate items or enhancing the organic traffic to your website by utilizing the top keywords that others are using.

In summary, Semrush offers something for everyone, be they a blogger, affiliate marketer, content marketer, small business, or major organization.

FAQs | Semrush SEO Tool

These are some key queries and responses about the Semrush tool that you should be aware of:

What is Semrush?

Semrush is an all-inclusive online marketing platform that provides more than 55 SEO tools, such as position tracking, domain analysis, keyword research, site audits, and much more.

Can I do a domain comparison using Semrush?

Yes, Semrush’s Domain Vs Domain function makes it simple to compare two or more domains side by side. Simply input the domains to compare, and Semrush will instantly get all the necessary information for you to evaluate your rivals in one location.

What does Semrush do exactly?

Semrush is primarily utilized as a tool for competition analysis, but it can also be used as an all-in-one SEO toolkit that makes it simple to do all of the tasks listed below.

  • Keyword research
  • Site audits
  • Keyword rank tracking
  • Backlink analysis
  • Site positioning
  • Content creation ideas
  • Competitive analysis and more

What can I do with a Semrush free account?

If you’re wondering what features come with a Semrush free account, all of the features are the same as those of a regular premium monthly subscription. It also means that you may use the Semrush free edition for anything you want until your trial time expires, including keyword research, competitor analysis, and backlink building.

How can I get Semrush for free?

Semrush offers a trial account that allows you to free trial for 7 days.

Is Semrush worth paying for?

Yes, Semrush is a premium tool, with a monthly beginning subscription that costs $108.33 when you pay yearly. Despite its pricey name, this application is well worth the money because it provides access to over 55 SEO tools in one convenient location.

How much does Semrush cost?

There are presently three monthly membership pricing levels offered by Semrush: Pro ($108.33), Guru ($208.33), and Business ($416.66). All three of the options are recurring subscriptions, so you will be required to pay each month until you terminate the account (which is simple to do at any time).

Is Semrush trustworthy?

Yes, SEMrush is a trustworthy and legitimate software platform for digital marketing and SEO. More than 10 million industry experts have utilized it for numerous SEO and marketing activities, including backlink analysis, competitive analysis, and keyword research.

Can I cancel my Semrush free trial?

Yes, you can cancel your free trial anytime