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how do you get a 2-week free semrush trial

As an online business owner, you know staying updated with trends is key to driving sustainable growth. Viral marketing platforms and new strategies continually emerge making it crucial to identify valuable tools offering innovative capabilities across SEO, audience insights, and competitive benchmarking.

This leads to hopes for testing full access to raved-about suites like Semrush through free trials before committing to paid plans. Although popular, Semrush does not officially offer 14-day trials, but with some smart workarounds, you could stretch the standard 7-day free period. Let’s discover how!

Inside Look at Semrush’s Key Features For the uninitiated, Semrush empowers businesses across domains like:

  • SEO and Content Marketing
    o Keywords research
  • o Digital asset tracking o Competitive analysis
    o Content audits
  • PPC and Display Advertising o Display network insights o Compelling ad copies o Relevant landing pages

It provides past trends data along with future projections using a combination of machine learning and human-led analysis. So rather than relying on guesswork businesses can leverage actionable intelligence obtained in quick time for strategic decision making across key result areas.

The Underlying Commercial Model and Standard Free Trial Of course for ongoing access to such sophisticated marketing tools, Semrush follows a paid subscription model – more features unlocked at higher price points starting from $129 a month.

However, most brand promotions briefly offer 7-day free trials with unrestricted access to validate functionality across use cases and types of reports available before signing up.

Hacking Together a 14-day Trial from Multiple Email IDs The 7-day free access period serves reasonably well for most – but sometimes you need an extended 14-day trial to extract more insights and properly evaluate product-fit long term.

This is possible by signing up for Semrush’s free version to begin with creating 1 account. Trial offers get announced sporadically – so monitor the website through the first account waiting for the next offer.

As soon as a 7-day free trial promo starts – leverage alternate emails to redeem 2 more times! Just ensure using different account details and verify via multiple phone numbers during redemption. This simple trick can stack 21 days of combined free access.

So while not conventionally a two-week trial, with some smart thinking you can buy more evaluation time. Semrush’s functionality spanning SEO to PPC makes it well worth the 15 minutes of effort you would invest in hacking their promos for optimal access.

Make detailed notes on pros-cons and custom requirements while trialing to make an informed purchase call post the 21 day period. Using emailed reports – project approximate returns expected over 3-6 month durations and derive targets to justify spend.

With this unlimited usage tip – putting Semrush through its paces for all your marketing needs becomes easy without worrying about budget initially!

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