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How To Cancel Semrush Subscription – Step-By-Step Guide

Semrush is an invaluable online visibility management and content analytics platform used by millions worldwide.

However, there may come a time when you need to cancel your Semrush subscription whether due to switching tools, reducing business expenses or other reasons.

As a paid platform, properly cancelling your Semrush subscription is important to stop automatic recurring charges.

This step-by-step guide to cancelling your Semrush subscription will walk you through the quick and easy process.

Follow our tips to avoid any billing issues or confusion around accessing Semrush once you close your account.

Let’s get started!

Why You Might Want to Cancel Semrush

Before actually cancelling Semrush, it’s smart to re-evaluate why you initially sought out this visibility software and if the reasoning still applies.

Common situations that have users asking “How do I cancel my Semrush subscription?” include:

  • Your business needs to be changed or the company closed – if you no longer need to track website analytics or monitor keyword rankings each month, maintaining a paid Semrush subscription no longer makes logical sense.
  • The costs exceeded your budget – while incredibly helpful, Semrush requires monthly or annual payments that may weigh too heavily on freelancers, solopreneurs and small operations. Temporarily cancelling while revenue is unpredictable can provide financial relief.
  • You want to compare shop other tools – With alternatives like Ahrefs, Moz and SpyFu available, looking at competitor offerings to evaluate if they better suit your purposes deserves consideration as well.
  • You only require basic features – Semrush’s free subscription tier supplies ample capabilities around keyword tracking, backlinks analysis and site audits for many smaller websites.

Take an honest personal inventory of why cancelling Semrush feels necessary for your current situation. This ensures you won’t second guess the decision later on or undo efforts to close your account.

How To Cancel Semrush Step-By-Step

Once you decide it’s time to cancel your Semrush subscription, follow this simple 3-step process to formally end your account without any payment hiccups:

Step 1 – Login To Your Semrush Account Dashboard

Start by logging into your Semrush account dashboard using your standard username and password credentials. This grants the necessary access to manage billing settings and initiate cancellation workflows.

Step 2 – Access Account Settings to Cancel Subscription

Next, locate and open the account settings section, usually available via a sidebar menu, gear icon or user profile avatar. Within account settings find the “Subscriptions” tab. This displays your active subscription including status, billing details, recurring date information and more.

Step 3 – Cancel Automatic Renewal and Confirm

Finally, use the large red cancellation button visible within the subscription tab of your account settings to stop automatic renewal at the next billing cycle. Semrush may ask you to reconfirm cancelling the subscription a second time before it is processed.

And just like that you have successfully cancelled Semrush and prevented being charged again at the end of your current billing period!

What Happens When You Cancel Semrush

Now that you know how to cancel a Semrush subscription properly, you may be wondering what happens next.

Will you lose access to Semrush instantly?

Can you still recover any stored data? Let’s clarify:

  • You retain full member access until the current payment term finishes – so if you pre-paid for an entire year, you’ll keep using Semrush until those 365 days conclude.
  • Cancelling only stops automatic subscription renewal at the next billing date. Ongoing access itself does not instantly deplete.
  • Prior to fully losing access you can export stored projects, reports and other data to your own systems so no work is lost.
  • Billing and payment information gets fully deleted upon cancellation being finalised for security reasons.
  • You can choose to reopen your account and restart an active Semrush subscription at any time.

Essentially after cancelling Semrush you simply let the existing access term run out then account privileges formally expire unless you opt to reactivate service once again. Smooth and predictable for all parties!

Revisiting Semrush Later On

Just because you need to cancel your Semrush subscription now does not preclude returning at a later date. If your business fortunes improve or need to change, simply log in using your original credentials and reactivate a paid subscription.

Favourite projects and custom workflows will still be waiting along with all capabilities to start monitoring website analytics anew.

Alternatively, try the free Semrush account tier we mentioned which provides basic yet still helpful tracking functionality. This keeps you loosely in their ecosystem even post-cancellation.

Either way, cancelling your Semrush subscription does not have to become a permanent goodbye. The door remains open whenever the time is right again.

In Summary – A Quick Cancellation Process

As this guide outlines, properly cancelling your Semrush subscription takes only minutes with no long-term consequences around access or account deletion.

Simply access the billing settings within your account dashboard to disable automatic renewal at the next payment cycle date.

Enjoy the remainder of your active access term before privileges formally cease after the present billing duration. And down the road, jump back in if the need ever returns for robust visibility management and analytics at scale.

FAQs related to cancelling a Semrush subscription:

How do I cancel my Semrush plan?

To cancel your Semrush subscription, log in to your account dashboard and go to account settings. Open the “Subscriptions” tab, locate your plan, and click the red “Cancel Subscription” button. This will stop auto-renewal at the end of your current billing period.

How do I cancel Semrush after a free trial?

If you signed up for a free trial, you can cancel anytime during the trial period to avoid being charged. Simply follow the same cancellation steps by accessing the “Subscriptions” tab in your account settings and hitting cancel.

How do I remove my credit card from Semrush?

Go to the “Billing Details” section under account settings. Here you can delete any stored payment methods. Note – this alone won’t cancel your plan. You need to stop auto-renewal as well.

How do I delete my Semrush account?

If you wish to permanently delete your Semrush account, contact their support team from within your account. Choose the “Delete my account” request option and their team will close and remove your account.

How do I deactivate a subscription?

The process to cancel an active subscription is the same whether you call it cancelling, deactivating, or suspending – go to “Subscriptions” in account settings and disable renewal. This stops new charges once the current pay period concludes.

How do I force cancel a subscription?

Semrush does not allow forced cancellations mid-billing cycle. You must wait until the current subscription term or payment duration expires. At that point, access will cease unless you manually renew.

How do I stop paying after a free trial?

All you need to do is cancel the subscription within the free trial period by clicking the “Cancel” button on the subscription management page inside your account. This prevents being charged when the trial ends.

Can you cancel a free trial without paying?

Yes, cancelling during a free trial ensures you won’t pay anything or be charged for a standard paid subscription. As long as you cancel before the trial period expires, no payment ever gets processed.

Can you immediately cancel a free trial?

Typically free trials must run their course before formal cancellation processes can be completed. However, you can request immediate cancellation in certain cases by contacting Semrush support. This terminates access right away.

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